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Current Itinerary

2015 Itinerary

12-15   Launceston, Tasmania
16-17   Jindabyne, Tasmania, Australia
18        Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
19-23   Perth, Western Australia
24-25   Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
25        Daylesford, Victoria, Australia
26-30   Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
31        Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia

1-2       Cairns, South Australia
4-5       Adelaide, South Australia
17-18   Manchester, United Kingdom
20 New Forest, United Kingdom
21-25   Shaftesbury United Kingdom
26        London United Kingdom
28-30   Newcastle, United Kingdom
1-2       Glasgow, Scotland
3 Dumfries, Scotland
15-17   Fredericksburg, VA
21-24   Charlottesville, VA

4-7        Fort Pierce, Florida
8-14      Lake Mary, Florida

14-16    Virginia Beach, Virginia
17-23    Orlando, Florida

11-13    South Africa

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